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  • Yug Jain

Perks of Working out of a coworking space.

Coworking Space is a solution to many problems across various industries, professions. Coworking Space is much more than just providing a chair and a desk to work.

Hereby I cover the top advantages of working out of a coworking space.

1. Shared Office Space: Shared office space brings down the costs. Everything is shared, real estate, common coffee machine, electricity costs. Moreover, you pay a fixed price. So you save a lot of money and pay just one bill.

2. No management, save on coffee/tea: Space takes care of the whole management, you just need to come there and work on the core of what you do instead of managing your space, which you would usually do if you had your own office space. Unlimited Caffeine supply to keep you running.

3. Work is the only place you work in. – You can set clear boundaries in your life. The office is the only place you need to work. You don’t need to work anywhere else. This helps you balance your life.

4. Grow your business – Coworking gives you the opportunity to interact with other members of the space which could be your potential clients or they could help you with someone in their network who can benefit from your services. Lots of potential to grow.

5. Motivated to Work/Productivity – You are always motivated to work by seeing everyone around working. At home, you might feel lazy, have distractions, and lose that motivation but coworking spaces really drive that energy to keep you working.

6. Networking – With so many industries, different professions, and companies. Networking is bound to flourish. You get to learn so much from other companies and the other way. You find like-minded people which adds so much growth to your company and also to yourself as an individual. No matter what you are looking out for the majority of the stuff can be found in the space itself because of the diversity it has to offer.

7. Meeting Rooms: Whenever you need a meeting room, you can book it and have it. Meeting rooms of different sizes with all the technology you need to conduct, which makes the whole thing look more professional instead of a coffee shop.

Yug Jain

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