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  • Yug Jain

How to use technology to make managing a Coworking Space easier ?

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Access Control : The goal of access control is to minimize the risk of unauthorized access to physical. Apart from this objective, you can also generate other reports like Time and Attendance which would be useful for tenants to keep check on their employees.

Access Controls with their camera, help you with real time footages to keep a track of everyone entering your space.

ESSL and Kisi offer various solutions where you can enter the premises using either your smartphone or just your biometric fingerprint.

You can even integrate this with your coworking space management software so that you don’t have to switch between software. does that seamlessly.

Visitor Management :

This is a very powerful too. Do not mistake it for just doing the work of a journal.

It’s usually a piece of software or web interface on your tab and is the first thing where potential members interact with your space. You surely want to make the first impression your best.

Visitor Management sends an SMS/email to the concerned person that the visitor is here to meet. Similarly emails/SMS if the delivery/mail guy is dropping off something. So the members know it’s collected at the office and they can collect it the next time they are at work.

Lastly all the collected data can be used for marketing.

CoworkingOps provides all the above features and it is part of their coworking space management software.

Internal Communication And Collaboration :

Slack – It is easily the number one tool to communicate within your team and also get your community onboard. Since most of the companies already use slack, it wouldn’t be difficult to get that audience on your slack, where you can have your own community. For more :

Asana : What does it do ? Well, it’s the best platform to get work done. It’s where you put your tasks, collaborate on different projects, track their progress etc. It’s the most important tool you need at Work.

Media Players :

Wired : 2014

Wireless : 2019.

You don’t need to be in 2014 when you are in 2019.

Long gone are the times when you need to connect your HDMI wires and different dongles to connect to a TV or Projector for a presentation.

You just need to buy a Chromecast and Apple TV and you are sorted for life ( well, most of it) These devices are connected to your WIFI, easy to setup and even easier to use. You can play videos, presentation etc. directly from your system. Be it android, iOS, Windows etc.

The best part is you don’t need any software installed to connect to these.

Automatic Lights :

It’s great to save on your electricity when not in use, nothing puts a better smile on your face than a low electricity bill.

The new automatic lights work on sensors and turn on and off based on the presence or absence of humans.

MEETING ROOMS — an example:

The first person to arrive turns on the lights. Shortly after the start of the meeting, a presentation is given. One press of a button dims most lights and lowers the blinds. To begin the question and answer session, the presenter presses a button to turn the lights back up and raise the blinds. Later someone manually adjusts the blinds and the lights.

As people leave after the meeting, nobody turns the lights off. 8 minutes later, as the sensor has detected no movement in the room, the lights are dimmed, and 3 minutes later, the lights go off, and the control system ensures the blinds are fully raised, to allow in as much daylight as possible.

With the lights off, people can see, through the window in the meeting room door, that the room is ready and available for the next meeting.

OPEN-PLAN OFFICES — an example:

When the first person arrives early in the morning, the office kitchen lights come on automatically, and so do the lights in the main aisle of the open plan office. When they've made themselves a drink, they go to their desk, and the lights come on automatically in all the zones they walk through, up to and including their desk area. As other people arrive at their desks, all the lights in the open-plan office come on. At the end of the working day, one person is still working at the far end of the office. The lights in the zone around their desk are on, and the lights in the main aisle of the office and in all exit corridors are on, so that anyone still in the office has a well-lit work area and feels safe.

Coworking Software : You can have every piece of technology mentioned above, but if you don’t have the perfect Coworking Software Management in place you wouldn’t be able to manage your space properly.

A software like Helps you manage, maintain and collect all the data to run your space more efficiently. With an inbuilt CRM and integrations with almost everything you never really need any other app/software to manage the space.

They also give you a White labelled App so that your members can have a seamless experience. Not just that, they can book meeting rooms on the go, pay their bills and even RSVP upcoming events

If you want to know more, you can simply put in a request for the demo on

-Yug Jain

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