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  • Yug Jain

How to Get Executive Sponsors to Attend Your QBRs as a Customer Success Manager

As a customer success manager, you know the importance of regularly reviewing the progress and success of your clients. One effective way to do this is through quarterly business reviews (QBRs), where you can discuss key metrics, challenges, and opportunities with your clients and team.

However, in order for QBRs to be truly impactful, it's crucial to have the support and participation of your executive sponsors. These individuals are key stakeholders in your client's success, and their insights and guidance can greatly enhance your team's efforts.

So why should executive sponsors attend your QBRs? Here are some reasons:

  • They can provide valuable perspectives and advice. Executive sponsors have a broad understanding of the company's goals and objectives, and they can provide valuable insights and guidance on how to align your team's efforts with those priorities.

  • They can help ensure alignment and collaboration across departments. Executive sponsors often have connections and relationships with other key stakeholders in the company, such as sales, marketing, and product teams. By attending your QBRs, they can help ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals.

  • They can help drive decisions and actions. Executive sponsors are in a position of authority and influence, and their involvement can help ensure that important decisions and actions are taken to support your clients' success.

  • They can show their commitment and support for your team and clients. By attending your QBRs, executive sponsors demonstrate their investment and support for your efforts as a customer success manager. This can help build trust and credibility with your clients, and motivate your team to continue delivering exceptional results.

So how can you encourage executive sponsors to attend your QBRs? Here are some steps you can take:

  • Communicate the value and importance of QBRs. Clearly articulate the benefits of QBRs, such as providing regular updates and insights on client progress, identifying challenges and opportunities, and aligning efforts with company goals.

  • Provide a detailed agenda and key takeaways. Before the QBR, provide a detailed agenda that outlines the topics and key takeaways that will be discussed. This will help executive sponsors understand the importance of the meeting and what they can expect to gain from attending.

  • Invite executive sponsors personally. Instead of sending a generic invitation, take the time to personally invite each executive sponsor to attend your QBR. This shows your commitment to their involvement and can help increase their likelihood of attending.

  • Follow up and share key insights and actions. After the QBR, follow up with executive sponsors to share key insights and actions that were discussed. This can help keep them informed and engaged and encourage them to continue participating in future QBRs.

In conclusion, having executive sponsors attend your QBRs as a customer success manager can provide valuable support and guidance for your team and clients.

By communicating the value and importance of QBRs, providing a detailed agenda, personally inviting executive sponsors, and following up with key insights and actions, you can encourage their participation and ensure their continued support for your efforts.

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