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  • Yug Jain

9 Event Ideas to build a thriving community for your coworking space

Events play an integral part in keeping your community happy which eventually helps in reducing churn as to build an emotional and physical connection of members with your space. Below are some of the ideas for events that you can host with little planning time.

Events could be of 2 types mainly, one could be an internal event, and others could be external events.

By internal I mean, events which are only member exclusive

External events allow people from outside to enter which also contributes to increasing your space's visibility.

1. Networking events

2. Games

3. Celebrations

4. Popups

5. Workshops

6. Foodfest

7. Comedy nights

8. Speakers

9. Movie night and Match Screenings

1. Networking Events: You could arrange for free food (refreshments) for everyone in the event area where people would naturally come to eat and interact with other fellow members. You could change cuisines each time you host such sessions.

2. Games Day/Sports Day: Host multiple tournaments like FIFA, Table tennis, carrom. Tons of Minute to win it games out there, treasure hunts, etc. You could shoot a google form for registrations/RSVP’s and arrange prizes for winners.

3. Celebrations: You could celebrate multiple things like if some company just got funding, birthdays, even if some company has achieved some milestones. Coworking Spaces that celebrate together stay together.

4. Popups – Multiple Pop-ups like exhibitions, where small merchants can sell up shops. You could even have industry-specific exhibitions.

5. Workshops: These allow members to take a break and learn something new. Workshops really bind people together. Some Workshop ideas would be painting, planting a tree, guitar learning, stress-busting, etc.

6. FoodFest: Who doesn’t love food ?. You could set up multiple counters with different cuisines. The best way to do this is to partner with restaurants and food trucks.

Good Food can never go wrong or be wasted and will usually give you the highest turnout.

7. Comedy Nights: You could partner with one of the comedy clubs to host one of the events in your coworking space. From Open Mics to Standup Comedians. This will not only enjoyed by existing members but will also increase footfalls in your space.

8. Speakers: Hosting motivational speakers or people who are experts in their field sharing their views greatly benefits the community. You could even host a panel discussion about certain trending topics to involve the community.

9. Netflix and Networking: Hosting TV Show Finales to Live Matches are a great way to get everyone under one roof at the same time. You could also conduct a poll to decide which movie will be screened. Arrange for beers and popcorn and you have a full house!

Yug Jain

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