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Customer Success and Sales Specialist by profession

Music and Tech enthusiast by heart. 🤖

 I specialize in providing startup companies with the guidance and support they need to establish effective processes and strategies for their sales and customer success departments.

My unique perspective, honed through years of customer service experience and an entrepreneurial mindset, enables me to proactively identify and resolve issues with efficient, cost-effective solutions that produce immediate results. 💪💸

Through the implementation of robust, streamlined processes 📈📉, I am able to address internal team challenges, thereby improving collaboration and driving exponential growth for the company 🚀. I possess a no-nonsense approach, constantly seeking to enhance my skills 📚🧠 and proactively tackle problems 🛠️

My intolerance for excuses and bad leadership, as well as my aversion to arrogance, often leads to my being confrontational, particularly with those who exhibit the characteristics of "Game of Thrones" types. In my leisure time, I indulge in my love of coffee and am known to have an insatiable appetite.


Customer Success Manager

Deepstash (Bucharest Remote)

At Deepstash I'm working with various Learning & Development global leaders as well as corporates(companies like Fitbit & SIG) to help them establish value-driven learning and engagement strategies for their employees.

Ensuring they get the best out of Deepstash for teams and upskill their workforce form the core part of my engagement with them. My primary responsibilities include: 1. Onboarding client stakeholders quickly on the platform, with a focus on Customer Education

2. Driving the Adoption of Deepstash for teams across all businesses and verticals

3. Conducting Value-driven conversations and periodic health checks on product consumption with L&D Leaders around furthering their company mission by using our Technology as an enabler.

4. Promote learning cultures for both emerging and established company workforce 5. Managing the opportunity pipeline from week to week, providing accurate and timely updates to management on progress and outlook.


I also helped kickstart Deepstash for Teams from the ground up with one of the founders. From Landing our first client to managing enterprise accounts.

Customer Success and Content Manager

Deepstash (Bucharest Remote)

Worked on Deepstash's consumer product, providing exceptional Customer Service to enhance the overall customer experience. Evaluated relationships with current and potential content providers. Lead a team of 4 to build out a content strategy contributing to increasing daily active users of our service. From writing content notifications to tweaking various sections of our service to increase multiple retention metrics.

Customer Success and Sales - OfficePulse

Office PulseB2B B2B E-Commerce Company (Remote)

Handled new and existing accounts. Managing clients like WeWork, OYO, Puma, IDFC Asset management, Direct-I, and other SMEs. Created and managed the client life cycle process(starting from the initial sale through all phases of implementation). Worked closely with the tech team to solve issues and updated knowledge base with the most relevant, frequent and important data. Maintained and enhanced customer satisfaction by providing ongoing, proactive support throughout the customer life cycle. Targeted new markets and turned leads into customers through the use of such sales techniques as cold calling, prospecting, and networking. Exercised a strong ability to multi-task and work cross- functionally in a dynamic environment.

SaaS Sales and Content Marketing - CoworkingOps

CoWorkingOps(B2B SaaS Company) (Remote)

Wrote blogs on how coworking space owners can improve various aspects of coworking like revenue, hospitality, and technology at their space.

Interacted with major coworking space owners and tailored plans and coworking software products to get them on board. Worked directly with the tech team to customize the software and onboarded new clients. Closed an average of 10 clients each month.

Community Manager 

WorkAmp Spaces (Co-working Space)

Used my experience to manage my 3rd WorkAmp Location as part of a community team. Managed 200+ members in a custom-built office space. Developed sales and marketing strategies to increase leads and reach sales targets within the first 2 months of launching a new location. Trained new employees on using officeRnD, managing community, and maintaining member relationships. Gained useful feedback in collaborating with business leaders to devise solutions. Streamlined operations by communicating efficiently with clients, keeping meticulous records, budget management, and internal collaboration. Evaluated property conditions and recommended improvements. Established projects and ensured that milestones were met during each phase. Coached newly hired employees and interns while observing progress and delegating tasks

Assistant Community Manager

WorkAmp Spaces (Co-working Space)

Joined WorkAmp Spaces 2 months after it's inception, helped space grow from 5 to 150 members. Solved member-related issues to ensure a cohesive community and manage member expectations Maintained 70% occupancy by achieving sales goals, and reducing churn Created methods and procedures for processes, measurement, documentation, and workflow techniques. Managed website designs, revenue models, process flows, sales, operations support, and customer engagement strategies. Assisted customers with selecting and customizing available items based on individual requirements. Planned and executed promotional activities to drive community engagement and increase occupancy numbers.

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